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Julian Casablancas + The Voidz Will Perform at The FADER FORT Presented by Converse

In August of 2001, Julian Casablancas appeared on the cover of The FADER alongside his scuzzy, about-to-explode New York band The Strokes; it was the group’s first magazine cover story. Since this year’s edition of … read more »

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The Tripwire: The Strokes Return As Reluctant Rock Heroes

One of my friends longest running shared jokes involves riffing on Shia LaBeouf rocking a Strokes t-shirt for the better part of the first Transformers movie reboot. I’m not sure why the joke has lasted … read more »

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You Have 24 Hours Until the New Strokes Song Gets Stuck in Your Head

As if to tamp the flames in New York City’s heart after news of the last LCD Soundsystem show, The Strokes are back to soothe the Big Apple with a new single. The reunited Strokes … read more »

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New Strokes Record Due in March, Julian Casablancas Still Unenthused :(

Yeah, these guys really don’t get along anymore. But that joke about naming the album Buddies or Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus = SO GOOD. (via P4k)


Backstroking: A Video History Of The Strokes

Words by John McShane As has been covered by a number of people recently (likely in greater depth and with greater eloquence), The Strokes are going into their second decade, rumors to the contrary be … read more »

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Julian Casablancas Did an Acoustic Set at Viva Radio Two Months Ago :-/

Judging by the number of views this baby has racked up, we’re comfortable saying we’re not the only ones who missed it when it went live in early April. But we apologize for not posting … read more »

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Julian Casablancas Fords The Hudson, Covers The Boss, Loses No Oxen

Though we’re very fond of The Strokes, we haven’t been at all pleased with the bad news regarding their next record’s progress. It’s sort of alright though because their frontman’s been playing a few of … read more »

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Coachella, Day 3

The third and final day of Coachella was undoubtedly its most intense. For the second time in the festival’s history, all tickets were sold, a feat you could feel just as well as the heat … read more »

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Bummertown USA

Just seems like the Strokes are way too dysfunctional to get so excited about again. Also, sorry we didn’t post these earlier.


Julian Casablancas, You Dirty Dog

Our friend John says you should only use Auto Tune from now on.

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