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Fort Romeau

Fort Romeau, “Jack Rollin’” MP3

After playing keyboard and programming live shows for the electro-pop duo La Roux, UK-based artist Mike Norris has shifted his attention to producing clean, glossy house as Fort Romeau and is set to release a … read more »

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Kanye West & Jay-Z f. Elly Jackson of La Roux, “That’s My Bitch” MP3

If this is what we can expect from Kanye and Jay’s Watch The Throne, we’re torn. Nice “Apache” sample by producer Q-Tip, lots of bluster and some decent lines, but in the end, not nearly … read more »

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LaRoux f. Kanye West, “In for the Kill RMX” MP3 + Video

Yo really Ye? This song is freaking OLD! We first blogged it on February 29, 2009? And anyway the Skream remix is way better. No matter, though—this song is basically LaRoux’s “Day N Night,” destined … read more »

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Skream f. LaRoux, “Finally” MP3

LaRoux dolo, not so much, but her collaborations are another story: first there was Skream‘s banger remix of “Into the Kill,” followed by Major Lazer’s awesomely electro-dubwise LazerProof mixtape. Now that she’s back with the … read more »

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Between The Sheets: La Roux, "Under My Thumb" (Rolling Stones Cover)

Artists respecting each other’s work is an on-going cycle of real recognize real. Catch daily posts of new wrinkles added to original masterpieces. Today, La Roux covers “Under My Thumb” by The Rolling Stones.

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Premiere: Donnis, “Tha Kill” MP3

Every rapper is so depressed right now—with Drake leading the charge (success-depressed), Kid Cudi the emotional mastermind (booze/weed-depressed) and now Donnis, poor dude. “Tha Kill,” over a sample of LaRoux’s ubiquitous hit single, is the … read more »

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Major Lazer & LaRoux, LazerProof Mixtape

LaRoux whatever, we want to see a Major Lazer/Mindy Kaling collabo called LAZERPROFESSIONAL. At least that’s what we thought before we heard LazerProof—not too big on LaRoux’s stuff aside from Skream’s “Into the Kill” remix, … read more »

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The Morning After: Kelis Covers LaRoux on the BBC

Check in with us daily to see Suite903 singers take over TV. Today we’re watching Kelis perform LaRoux’s “In For The Kill” on BBC Radio 1.

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The Populist View – 05.28.09

Since we have a tendency to look below the radar for our music, we decided to take a weekly look at The Populist View. We’ll stop short of calling our tastes underground, let’s just say we’re pop-culturally inept. So we’ve devised a way to keep up to date. read more »

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Röyksopp Featuring Robyn – "The Girl & The Robot"

Domestic life with artificial intelligence and a white bed dominate the screen for Röyksopp’s new single “The Girl & The Robot,” which also stars Swedish singer Robyn. read more »

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