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Stream: Unknown Mortal Orchestra, “Rà-àkõ-st” (Lindstrom Cover)

One of my favorite things about Unknown Mortal Orchestra is how their music exists in this weird place between stoned funk, pastoral folk and off-the-wall psych. It finds its way into everything they do—which is … read more »

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Download Nick Catchdubs’ Icy Grape Mix

It’s Valentine’s Day or whatever, and Fool’s Gold co-founder Nick Catchdubs dropped a new mix for the occasion, full of what he calls “emotional breakdance music.” Even though the lovey-dovey vibes are mostly replaced by … read more »

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Stream: Lindstrom and Todd Terje, “Lanzarote”

It’s hard not to look at the recent output of both Lindstrom and Todd Terje and feel like it’s a reaction. Both artists have been making sun bleached disco epics that span multiple movements and … read more »

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Hear Lindstrom’s Nine-Minute Lana Del Rey Remix

Norwegian disco magician Lindstrom gets his hands on Lana Del Rey’s cover of Bobby Vinton’s weirdo classic “Blue Velvet” and stretches it to infinity. Half of what Lana shows up here for is just purrs, … read more »

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Stream: Lindstrom, “Call Me Anytime” (Oneohtrix Point Never Remix)

For a new 12-inch of Lindstrom remixes, Oneohtrix Point Never goes for an ecstatic, stuttering drone collage, which truncates the original “Call Me Anytime” almost in half and makes the calling in question sound like … read more »

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Best Coast, “Boyfriend” (Lindstrom Remix) MP3

Lindstrom takes Best Coast soaring in this sugary-sweet remix. Bethany Cosentino’s vocals are all doo-woppy nostalgia and the instrumentals are like an ABBA-infused jog on the beach. Download: Best Coast, “Boyfriend” (Lindstrom Remix)

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Interview: Lindstrom

A couple of years ago, Lindstrom released “I Feel Space,” a thesis for the loose genre of “space disco.” Yeah, yeah, we know. But it was a sensible tag for the pulsar beat he’d harnessed. … read more »

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Lindstrom & Christabelle, “Baby Can’t Stop” MP3

“Baby Can’t Stop” is one of those songs we could’ve sworn we posted awhile ago because the album it’s on has been ubiquitous around the office for months. It also would’ve fit perfectly into the … read more »

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Lindstrom, “Little Drummer Boy” (Edit) MP3

Thanksgiving is over, which means we are fully throwing ourselves into the winter holiday spirit. We’re looking up Egg Nog recipes and wearing Santa hats every day. Only thing is, Lindstrom clowned us all by … read more »

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Lindstrom FACT Mix

Looking back, Lindstrom has become a kind of soundtrack to our lives. We’ve blasted his laid back work with Prins Thomas on a roof in the summer, we’ve listened to Schnipper talk about how, when … read more »

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