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Highland Goes for a Climb with New Hiking Gear

Season after season, it’s hard not to feel like we’re cramming into a rusty hatchback with designer Lizzie Owens as she takes a roadtrip across the American frontier, tagging along as she stops at various … read more »

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Behind The Scenes: Highland’s First New York Fashion Week Show

If the New York Fashion Week parade of six-foot tall models and high heels can often feel too intimidating to relate to, Lizzie Owens of Highland makes fashion for the rest of us. Her collections … read more »

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New York Fashion Week: Six Designers To Watch

With a schedule of shows that spans seven days, New York Fashion Week can be a doozy to navigate, with many emerging designers getting drowned out by high-fashion heavyweights. In our attempt to spread the … read more »

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First Look: Highland Fall 2012

If you’re at all curious about how we’ll be dressing in the coming year, Highland’s autumn lookbook is a little crib sheet into everything we want in our closets throughout next fall. We are gagging … read more »

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Wearing the Pants: Four Women from Around the World Have New Ideas for Menswear

Though it seems all feminine, fabulous tulle, the fashion universe can be as much a man’s world as any other profession. In 2008’s documentary The Last Emperor, Valentino Garavani, one of the 20th century’s archetypical … read more »

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Highland’s Rapscallions and Troublemakers

Lizzie Owens has a different guy in mind for every Highland collection, and next spring’s seems to be a rabble-rouser. Stomping through suburban gardens and big box parking lots, dude can barely keep his well-styled … read more »

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Highland’s Muse Goes Back To School, Gets Stoned

When we profiled Lizzie Owens and her line Highland back in our Summer Music Issue, she was out in the sartorial woods, a collection tailor-made for hard log jamming and tree chopping. For fall 2011, … read more »

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Lizzie Owens’ Debut Menswear Collection Highland

Lizzie Owens is best known for costuming the likes of MGMT, Chairlift, and Brandon Flowers from The Killers in truly surreal creations. She seems intent on imagining and outfitting the world in her psychedelic vision: … read more »

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