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Hear G-Unit Jump on Jeremih and DJ Mustard’s Summertime Anthem

After taking to Hot 97.3 this week (listen below) to announce that a G-Unit comeback mixtape would be arriving in the “near future,” 50 Cent has unleashed yet another zeitgeist-netting remix designed to springboard the … read more »

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Download Juelz Santana’s God Will’n Mixtape

Listening to this, it’s hard not to long for the days when Juelz Santana dedicated every word he put to tape to joyfully yelling outlandish shit, and soaking up New York in all its grimy … read more »

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Lloyd Banks, “Jackpot” MP3

Jahlil Beats has produced more than a couple of bangers in the past few years, and “Jackpot” is another one for the canon. The track is propelled by his favored snare-driven drum programming, but dominated … read more »

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Download Lloyd Banks’ The Cold Corner 2 Mixtape

When Lloyd Banks dropped Hunger For More 2 right around this time last year, he found himself in the curious position of being a New York rapper without much competition from other New York rappers. … read more »

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Lloyd Banks on Kimmel, Still Capitalizing on “Beamer, Benz or Bentley”

Wonder if Lloyd Banks is tired of this song yet. Must have sucked to wander around and hear your voice coming out of cars nonstop for months and months. Maybe not though—we’d probably be pretty … read more »

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Lloyd Banks f. Kanye West, Swizz Beatz, Ryan Leslie, Sway and Giggs, “Start it Up (UK Remix)” MP3

UK rappers Sway and Giggs get added to the really good Lloyd Banks, Kanye and Swizz Beatz single, “Start it Up.” Cross cultural connections in rap are rare (except for everyone in the world loving … read more »

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New Lloyd Banks/Pusha T is Yin to Sheek Louch/Jeremih’s Yang?

The general idea of yin-yang is not black and white but shade and light, so as we sit here listening to the new Lloyd Banks with Pusha T and Sheek Louch with Jeremih songs back … read more »

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Lloyd Banks f. Styles P, “Unexplainable” MP3

Around noon on Saturday, DJ Kast One premiered this song off Lloyd Banks’ upcoming The Hunger For More 2. We tweeted at him to play it a billion more times, please, and he only played … read more »

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Lloyd Banks f. Kanye West, Swizz Beats, Ryan Leslie & Fabolous, “Start it Up” MP3

When Lloyd Banks‘ solo debut, The Hunger for More, dropped, it epitomized that era of rap as well as the political climate: it was nigh Republican in its financial thesis and economic boomtime in its … read more »

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Video: Lloyd Banks f. Lloyd (Young Goldie), "Any Girl"

First off, where is this video taking place that Lloyd banks is literally just finding gorgeous girls randomly everywhere? When he said “any girl” we thought he meant that he had no preference, ergo we … read more »

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