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Illum Sphere - Credit to Joshua Gordon

Dollars to Pounds: Illum Sphere and Hoya:Hoya

Selim Bulut is a music writer who lives in Manchester. He has the most meticulously organized iTunes folder in the land. He’ll be writing about some of the excellent music coming out of the UK … read more »

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Stream: Lone, “Lenticular Cloud”

English producer Lone put out a new song yesterday. “Lenticular Cloud” is unhurried, taking its sweet time, poised and patient like someone who never raises their voice. You can just see the hubcaps of a … read more »

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Download Machinedrum’s FADER Mix

Machinedrum had a pretty big year! After recording his subtle and deeply captivating album Room(s) as well as that Sepalcure album that felt like a much bigger deal than anyone expected it to be, he … read more »

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Stream: Azealia Banks, “Liquorice”

Gwyneth Paltrow’s favorite rapper, Azealia Banks, released sweet and salty “Liquorice” last night on her Tumblr. On it, she raps and sings over Nottingham producer Lone’s dalliance with Detroit Techno, “Pineapple Crush.” Stream: Azealia Banks, … read more »

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Video: Thom Yorke And Jamie XX Take Over The Boiler Room

Thom Yorke stopped by the Boiler Room for the 69th live broadcast to do a DJ set and celebrate the release of TKOL RMX 1234567 (out now), a CD compilation of the Radiohead remixes that … read more »

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Cool Guys Remix Radiohead

Ever since Thom Yorke started popping up at events with Flying Lotus and jamming with Burial and Four Tet and stuff, it was pretty clear that in addition to being the frontman to a rock … read more »

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Stream: Lone’s Echolocations EP

Lone’s late-2010 album Emerald Fantasy Tracks was brilliant, nostalgic electronica, something like a young, housey Boards of Canada. Four months later, he’s back with six new tracks, a faster paced extension of the same classic … read more »

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Stream: Lone’s Album Emerald Fantasy Tracks

Really nice dusk music from UK producer Lone. The entire album of instrumental soft synths/hard drums is streaming at XLR8R’s site where surely a bunch of people who get the pun in opening track “Cloud … read more »

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Premiere: The Count & Sinden, “Addicted to You (Lone RMX)” MP3

The Count & Sinden‘s next single, “Addicted to You,” is autotuned, emotional house featuring Bashy’s melodic jawing, and it’s perfectly spit shone for swanky dance clubs in Kingston or Los Angeles. But Lone‘s revamped it … read more »

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