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Open Bar: Lower Dens

Baltimore’s Lower Dens can set up and take down their equipment very efficiently, and probably anywhere. After years of touring, Jana Hunter and bassist Geoff Graham have also realized a pretty high level of vocal … read more »

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Stream Lower Dens’ Album Nootropics

NPR is now streaming Lower Dens’ excellent, sprawling sophomore LP, Nootropics. Listen at their site, and read Sam Hockley-Smith’s Gen F profile of the band, from FADER #78, here. Stream: Lower Dens, Nootropics

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Stream: Lower Dens, “Lamb”

“Lamb” is one of those songs that’s almost tantric in its buildup, dancing on the edge of a huge moment with its stuttering drum and Jana Hunter’s deep, velvet voice in limitless harmony. When the … read more »

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GEN F: Lower Dens

In the early half of the 2000s, everyone grew out their hair and beards and folk music came back hard. Devendra Banhart led a merry band of pranksters in cheap-looking expensive jeans, and made it … read more »

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Stream: Lower Dens, “Propagation”

The heady affects of a more sophisticated brand of psychotropics, or smart drugs, are clearly a primary inspiration Lower Dens’ new album Nootropics. And when you hear the way the background harmony collides with Hunter’s … read more »

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The FADER #78 Podcast

Double rap covers make for our secret favorite mixes. The FADER #78 podcast is warmly hip-hopped out, featuring a totally bonkers, previously unreleased Danny Brown track and a healthy dose of songs by LA’s Black … read more »

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Video: Lower Dens, “Brains”

Tristan Patterson, who made the wonderful and gnarly film Dragonslayer, directed Jana Hunter in the video for “Brains,” a screen test portrait made to look like it was shot on a security cam. She’s a … read more »

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When Danny Brown arrived for our video interview during CMJ last fall, he had a woman with him wearing a cropped leather jacket and a sheer white dress. You could see her butt very clearly. … read more »

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Lower Dens, “Brains” MP3

Baltimore band Lower Dens has just announced a new album, Nootropics, slated for North American release on May 1st. The first single from Jana Hunter and the boys is hazy, but still runs blissfully pop. … read more »

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Lower Dens, “Hospice Gates” Live at the FADER FORT by FIAT

Lower Dens played The FADER Fort by FIAT this year to a hazy afternoon crowd. It’d be a tough slot for a lesser band, but the audience trickled in (shout out to Sam-Hockley Smith 0:07 … read more »

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