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Stream Chris Baio’s Sunburn EP

Vampire Weekend’s Chris Baio has released a new, three-song solo EP of crisp, upbeat production with a dash of wistfulness and Matias Aguayo for good measure. As Baio explains, it’s music for reading or dancing … read more »

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Stream: Baio f. Matias Aguayo, “Tanto”

Vampire Weekend bassist Chris Baio has released the first track from his forthcoming three-song solo EP, out May 21st on Greco-Roman. “Tanto” runs six, smooth-like-aloe minutes, featuring sun-reflecting steel drums and wordless vocals from transcontinental … read more »

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Joe Goddard’s DFA Radiomix

Tracing the swarm of remixes of Joe Goddard and Valentina’s “Gabriel” could keep you busy for a solid half hour. But in case you want to stay in one place (in the web-browsing sense of … read more »

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Video: Battles f. Matias Aguayo, “Ice Cream”

One of the coolest things about listening to Battles’ Gloss Drop is how it makes you feel crazily smart without being boring. It may be full of technical fireworks. Lots of stop-start instrumental moments and … read more »

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Stream: Battles, “Ice Cream”

What happens when you get a bunch of math rock music nerds together in a Providence, RI studio? They’re gonna battle it out. Battles is back with their second album, Gloss Drop. They’ve lost Tyondai … read more »

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Video: Matias Aguayo, “Rollerskate”

The other week we ended up at a rollerskating rink on Staten Island and it looked almost exactly like this video. The only differences are that we didn’t have Matias Aguayo singing all up in … read more »

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Matias Aguayo Q+A + “Rollerskate (Radio Edit)” MP3

Matias Aguayo’s nurture of his creative community is transcontinental. When he is not working in Paris, Matias lives in Buenos Aires, the birthplace of the BumBumBox parties—a communal affair where he and his Comeme compatriots … read more »