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Beyonce’s Dad Starts a New Girl Group

Hoping for God’s blessing again, Beyonce’s dad and former manager Matthew Knowles has put together a post-Destiny’s Child British girl group with another spiritually-ordained moniker: From Above. Maybe lightning really will strike twice—Monique, Ashley, Daisey, … read more »

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Boy Stop: Beyonce’s Dad Swears He Didn’t Steal From Her

Matthew Knowles, father and former manager of great American show runner Beyonce, is trying to prove that he didn’t steal anything from her. In March, Beyonce announced she was dropping Knowles as her manager and … read more »

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Beyonce Finally Done With Her Daddy, After All These Years

Last night, Beyonce’s publicist Yvette Noel-Schure released a statement to The Associated Press announcing that Beyonce will no longer share the profits of her Protestant wurrkk ethic with her father Matthew Knowles. Beyonce says she … read more »

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