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Modular Announces For Festival Lineup aka Jams in Croatian Paradise

The island of Hvar is just off the western coast of Croatia and it is beautiful. It also has a number of incredible venues, one on an even tinier island. Which is where Modular Records … read more »

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Live: For Festival in Hvar, Croatia

Three days in Mediterranean Music Paradise The first night I was in Croatia I ate a lot of lamb with my hands. I’d never seen that much lamb. A restaurant up on a big hill … read more »

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Stream DJ Pytzek’s Burek Modcast

Billed as an “intimate, luxurious” experience on the Croatian island of Hvar (who’s ready for scenic ocean views?), this weekend’s Modular-sponsored FOR 2013 festival features a stellar lineup including Solange, James Blake, Tame Impala and … read more »

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Stream: Cécile & Refleksie, “First Sparkle”

For a long time, it felt like the general perception of disco was that it was music that was meant for inside clubs at night time. I’m not sure when that flipped, and it turned … read more »

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Jonathan Boulet, “Trounce” MP3

Is there a specific genre name for music that is so ecstatic and inclusive that it feels like the entire world is involved in making it? No? Can someone make up a not annoying one, … read more »

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Stream Canyons’ Debut LP Keep Your Dreams

We’ve been on a bit of a Canyons kick as of late (see yesterday’s FADER Mix), leading up to today, the release of their first album, Keep Your Dreams via Modular Records. Sometimes it is … read more »

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Canyons’ FADER Mix MP3

Now that the music portion of the internet is basically just one giant factory of endless content that, at best, is destined to find a temporary home on an iTunes playlist, and at worst be … read more »

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Young Dreams, “Young Dreams” MP3

You don’t often hear about Grieg in conjunction with contemporary popular music, but Norwegian collective Young Dreams sees its elder statesman as a primary influence. “This was our attempt to make a song with a … read more »

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Oneohtrix Point Never’s Modcast MP3

What else could we ask for but a mix that transitions Kraftwerk into Big L into Limpe Fuchs? The world of music is wide and varied and it is apparently swirling around in Dan Lopatin’s … read more »

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Unknown Mortal Orchestra Remixes Aaliyah and Bone Thugs N Harmony

For Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s Modcast mix Ruban Nielson brings us soulful R&B on drugs. Just imagine listening to SWV’s “Weak” on fast-forward through a drive-thru Las Vegas wedding chapel, or Brandy’s “I Wanna Be Down” … read more »

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