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Interview: Mozart’s Sister

Montreal singer/producer Caila Thompson-Hannant’s self-released debut as Mozart’s Sister, the Hello EP, sees a brighter light of day today as it’s beefed-up and re-released by Merok. Stream the whole thing below, and download “Single Status,” … read more »

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Christian L’enfant Roi’s Soft Sea Blue Spring

Montreal designer Christian Deslauriers chose the name “L’enfant Roi,” a cheeky appropriation of the French phrase for spoiled brat, for his line of menswear, and season after season, he lives up to it by making … read more »

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Christian L’enfant Roi: Little Princes

Christian L’enfant Roi makes clothes for bratty boys. Christian Deslauriers creates the fey, printed suits and soft shades of maroon in his menswear line for a very specific clientele—as he puts it, his muse for … read more »

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Video: Kuhrye-oo, “For the Fame II”

Montreal’s Calvin McElroy, recording as Kuhrye-oo, has released a collaborative video for “For the Fame II,” a reworked version of the song “Give In (For the Fame)” from his new EP. “II” is even brighter … read more »

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Interview: Christian L’Enfant Roi

Montreal-based Christian Deslauriers came to our attention back in January like a jolt with his considered, beautiful menswear line Christian L’Enfant Roi. Deslauriers started the line back in 2010, building L’Enfant Roi quietly, creating an … read more »

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Christian L’enfant Roi’s Boyish French Fall Line

The French have always appreciated that beauty shines brighter if it’s beside decay—one of literature’s most famous poems is Charles Baudelaire’s “Le Cygne,” which is about a white swan amidst the rubble of impoverished, dying … read more »

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Stream: L’Xtrmst.Zen, “ZiggyZa ZiggyZi”

Poirier has been a busy, busy man. And who can blame him when there are so many weird musical sensations across the globe, still waiting to be uprooted and slapped together over his own brand … read more »

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Ghetto Palms 103: Masala / Mr. OK / New Label / Exclusive Music + Interviews!

A lot of people probably first heard about the tropically-oriented music blog called Masala or Masalacism when they got famously shut down by the don’t-be-evil exceptions department at Google a few months back. But if … read more »

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