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Dosa Hunt: A Film About Food But Also Other Things Too

The concept of seeking out great food in unlikely places is basically a television cottage industry at this point. Anthony Bourdain does it really well, Andrew Zimmern does it…less well. One time he ate a … read more »

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Bon Iver to Collaborate with The Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips have previously announced that they are cooking up a special collaborative album, slated for April, featuring guest spots from Plastic Ono Band, Nick Cave and Neon Indian. Rolling Stone is now reporting … read more »

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GEN F: Neon Indian

One morning last February, Alan Palomo woke up tripping. Moments earlier, while fast asleep, the Mexico-born, Texas-raised brains behind retrofuture space-pop project VEGA, took a dream hit of LSD. As Paloma opened his eyes and … read more »

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Video: Neon Indian, “Polish Girl”

To celebrate the release of his new LP Era Extraña Neon Indian made a video for “Polish Girl.” It is yet another video in a stream of semi-futuristic dystopic narratives featuring obsolete technology and retro … read more »

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Neon Indian, “Fallout” MP3

Alan Palomo aka Neon Indian traveled to Helsinki in the dead of winter to record his new album Era Extraña for which “Fallout” is the first single. Dark times, apparently. This is a brooding love-lost … read more »

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Neon Indian "Mind Drips" video

Video: Neon Indian, “Mind Drips”

This video—directed and/or, um, composed by Lars Larsen and Edward Leckie—was made with some kind of weird analog video synthesizer that works the same way synths work for music, which basically means that all the … read more »

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The Tripwire: Smoke Break with Neon Indian, Miniature Tigers

Nothing solidifies a bro bond between two bands better than a joint tour. As a unit, they toil through the monotonous schedule of playing the music, hitting another town, barely sleeping, eating Quiznos again, etc. … read more »

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Live: Neon Indian, “Mind Drips” at Governors Island + “Psychic Chasms” MP3 Megapost!

We never considered the fact that a former military base would make for the perfect summer concert setting and not just another off-water attraction to gawk at on our way to IKEA, but why the … read more »

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Neon Indian, “Should Have Taken Acid With You,” live at the Levi’s® FADER Fort

Neon Indian has graced more than one Levi’s® FADER stage in his young career of making music that people legitimately want to dance to—whether it’s in a dark basement in NYC or a wide-open stage … read more »

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Insound’s 10 for 10 Design Series (feat Beach House, Girls & more)

Our FADER Media partners over at Insound just unveiled their brand new 10 x 10 Design Series, which collects limited edition screenprinted posters and T-shirts created by Chicago-based studio Sonnenzimmer and inspired by a selection … read more »

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