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The Year In Hair

2013 was a year of #selfies and musical comebacks but it was also a year of reinvention, with social media-savvy pop culture icons using their hair as a point of transformation– and, of course, a … read more »

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Beyonce is Writing a Cookbook

British paper the Daily Mirror reports that Beyonce’s planning a family album style cookbook, to feature recipes inspired by her mother Tina’s “collard greens, cornbread, mac ’n’ cheese and fried chicken” spreads. Such a book … read more »

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Video: Oprah Finally Visits Ralph Lauren

Oprah gets almost anything she wants, but up until now even she was denied entry into Ralph Lauren’s Telluride Ranch, which has never before been on camera. Lauren has just not been into the media … read more »

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Little Dragon Bro Down with the PS22 Chorus

On Monday night Little Dragon performed on Fallon, then yesterday they trekked out to Staten Island to see New York’s other landmark music fans—the Oscar-closing, loved-by-Oprah PS22 Chorus. Yukimi led a 65-voice version of “Twice” … read more »

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Oscars Trash Talk: James Franco’s a Dunce, Lesbians and Internet Lose to England

Last night at the 83rd Academy Awards, James Franco showed up without makeup or having brushed his teeth. He and Anne Hathaway were brought on to make the show young and hip. For Hathaway, whose … read more »

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Suite903: Oprah Still Trying To Light Your Life With Her OWN

In a New Year’s Eve dinner discussion that may have reached epic levels after champagne ponies but we’re sticking to it, we posed the possibility that Oprah is in fact the Illuminati. Not along with … read more »

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The Morning After: Usher and Will.i.am's "OMG" Performance on Oprah

Check in with us daily to see R&B singers take over TV. Today we’re watching Usher perform “OMG” on Oprah.

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Photo: Oprah Needs to Give N*E*R*D a Drop

In recent “OMG WHAT IS HAPPENING” news, some of New York’s finest producers and musicians attended the fanciful Met Gala Ball, where so many of the city’s hot-shit power-players collided our eyes started watering at … read more »

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Video: Rihanna Does "Redemption Song" on Oprah

As you likely know, Rihanna has covered Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song” with all proceeds going to the relief effort in Haiti. Yesterday she made her way on Oprah to play the song live, giving a … read more »

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New Savior of Music Industry: Oprah?

Lest we forget, Oprah=God read more »

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