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Two New Menswear Collections from Bangkok

We’ve been eyeing Bangkok as a possible menswear hub since we ran a feature on fledgling Thai label Painkiller back in FADER #75′s Fall Fashion roundup on women designing menswear. And now, it seems Painkiller … read more »

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Painkiller Explores an Underwater Aura for Spring

Painkiller’s spring collection was recently released, and Bangkok-based Siriorn Teankaprasith, who we featured in our FADER #75 Fall Fashion Feature about women designing menswear, is exploring a nautical theme and taking it to a weird … read more »

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World Premiere! The FADER Issue #75: Fall Fashion Featuring Frank Ocean and The Rapture

Fall! It’s a time for light coats and a (thankfully) more diverse wardrobe than the slight variations on tees and rolled up pants that we’ve been wearing all summer. It’s also the time for our … read more »

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Wearing the Pants: Four Women from Around the World Have New Ideas for Menswear

Though it seems all feminine, fabulous tulle, the fashion universe can be as much a man’s world as any other profession. In 2008’s documentary The Last Emperor, Valentino Garavani, one of the 20th century’s archetypical … read more »

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Painkiller’s Beautiful Clothes from Bangkok

If Painkiller’s sophisticated silhouettes seem imbued with wisdom, it’s not because of decades of experience. Designer Siriorn Teankaprasith only recently graduated from fashion school to strike out on her own in Bangkok, Thailand. The clothes … read more »

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