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Lungu Lungu: The Ghetto Shines on in Angola

A few months ago I asked if kuduro is dead. The question wasn’t all provocation: my recent trip to Luanda has shown me first hand how prevalent house music has become in Angola, in just … read more »

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Download Questlove’s J Dilla Tribute Mix

Every Friday this February, Hot 97′s Mister Cee is handing over his “Throwback at Noon” hour to guest DJs celebrating Black History Month with “Black Fist Friday” mixes. Last week Cee talked with Pete Rock … read more »

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Daily Inspiration: Heavy D & The Boyz’ Blue Funk LP

Heavy D passed away yesterday at the age of just 44. I’m not entirely sure how to explain Heavy to a generation that probably has only a vague idea of what he did. He had … read more »

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GOOD Friday: Kanye West f. Pete Rock, Jay-Z, Charlie Wilson, Curtis Mayfield and Kid Cudi, “The Joy” MP3

FUN WITH SAMPLES. Make the jump to see the other two dozen rap songs who borrowed from Syl Johnson‘s “Different Strokes.” Download: Kanye West f. Pete Rock, Jay-Z, Charlie Wilson, Curtis Mayfield and Kid Cudi, … read more »

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Yo La Tengo, “Here to Fall” (Pete Rock Remix) MP3

Remember when Matador dipped their toes into hip-hop waters briefly? They almost signed Non Phixion, worked with The Arsonists, Mr. Len and more. Backpack rap! It wasn’t that it was a bad idea, it just … read more »

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Recap: Revive Da Live Tribute to Roy Ayers with Pete Rock

Photo by Eric Sandler On Saturday night jazz/R&B legend, Roy Ayers was honored for his contributions to modern urban music. Revive Da Live Music Group brought in legendary producer Peter Rock, experimental jazz/hip-hop pioneers the … read more »

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Harlem Stage Does Tribute to Roy Ayers with Pete Rock

Two years ago, I watched a colleague of Roy Ayers defend the jazz/R&B legend against a young club promoter who didn’t see him on the guestlist. He eventually got into the club, without a heated … read more »

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Red Cafe, “Heart And Soul” MP3

Red Cafe signed to Bad Boy and we collectively put our head in our hands. Cafe’s ground-up ascension as a New York City hero was well earned, but what has Diddy done for anyone not … read more »

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Suite903 DJ: Ge-ology

“Though creatively venturing from the street level to infiltrating the creative commercial world, GE-OLOGY has never wavered from keeping his craft responsibly honest…” read more »

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Freeload: Kurupt, “Yessir” Prod. By Pete Rock

We have love for both of these dudes always, but they haven’t impressed us lately. You know what, though? It’s sunny out and they created a real laid back porch-sitter just in time for us … read more »

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