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Grip Plyaz f. Rittz and Backbone, “Let’s Get To It” MP3

It’s undeniable that this track is going to instantly appeal to a certain kind of Dungeon Family completist (most of the FADER office, some European dudes on a message board) because of the inclusion of … read more »

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Download DJ Burn One’s Where There’s Smoke Mixtape

DJ Burn One has a nose for what’s next. He hosted a few mixtapes with your favorite rappers right before they were big, like Gucci Mane’s Chicken Talk and Young Dro’s Future Legends series. He … read more »

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P. Watts f. Jackie Chain and Rittz, “M.F.U.”

In the Motion Family video for P. Watts’ DJ Burn One-produced track, “M.F.U.,” guns stare at the camera in almost every shot. None of these, Burn One assured us on a recent visit to New … read more »

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Rittz’ White Jesus Mixtape

If we saw Rittz at Wal*Mart, we probably wouldn’t figure him the type of dude who’d spit great fast raps, wouldn’t ask him to pour whiskey in our “Dixxxie Cup.” He’s overdue a haircut, perhaps … read more »

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Rittz f. 8Ball, “Pie” MP3

Since when does calling someone “pie” mean you sonned them and not that they are sweet and delicious? Perhaps leveled at a woman it’s different, but here Rittz and 8Ball mean to say that those … read more »

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Rittz, “High Five” MP3

Rittz has really huge hair, raps fast, and hangs out with Yelawolf. Cocaine usually finds its way into his songs as well. He generally sounds like he’s having so much fun rapping that once you … read more »

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Rittz f. Yelawolf and Big KRIT, “Fulla Shit” MP3

Growing up, we have a distinct memory of walking by a club where Bone Thugs were about to play. We were too young to go at the time, but the thing we noticed was that … read more »

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Rittz, “Rattle Back” MP3

Something we do not miss about high school is the copious amounts of aspiring rappers that wandered the halls. Not that we want to crush anyone’s dreams or anything, but there’s a point where tenacity … read more »

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Stream: Various Songs by Rittz, Rap’s Long Lost Allman Brother

For those of you, like us, who have been eagerly bumping Yelawolf’s recent mixtape, Trunk Muzik, you must have been equally curious about Rittz, the dude with the guest verse on “Box Chevy Pt 3,” … read more »

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