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Funkystepz’ FADER Mix MP3

At some point, as someone living an ocean away and reading about genre politics secondhand online, I realized I was not an expert on UK funky, and without access to actual clubs I would probably … read more »

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Walton’s FADER Mix MP3

The first ten minutes of Walton‘s FADER mix pass by in a state of relative (UK) funky calm. It’s deftly blended bass work, but the early tones are somewhere near pleasant, nothing hugely jolting. Then … read more »

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Stream: Roska & Untold, “Myth” and “Long Range”

The Numbers label is the result of a merger between future-thinking dance imprints Dress 2 Sweat, Stuffrecords and Wireblock, so it’s not surprising that they’ve released many a face-melting single in less than a year. … read more »

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Interview With Roska

Between his show on Rinse.FM and awesome new album, London DJ/producer Roska has become a de facto ambassador for UK funky house, responsible for the genre’s proliferation and evolution. But the ambassador title became quite … read more »

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Stream: Roska f. Jamie George, “Love Tonight” MP3

Roska is one of the illest dudes in ye olde Londontown and a purveyor of excellent house and UK funky on his uber-downloadable rinse.fm slots. On “Love Tonight,” he continues his collaboration with DJ/vocalist Jamie … read more »

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Mosca, “Square One (Greena RMX)” MP3

If you’ve been paying attention to this blog at all over the past year, you probably comprehend that we fiend for new tracks from young, super-creative UK producers Bok Bok and L-Vis 1990 (stay tuned … read more »

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Video: Venom & Damage, “Deeper”

We’ve been burying our faces in UK funky house as of late, fiendishly copping anything we can find by Crazy Cousinz, Roska, Fuzzy Logik, Geeneus, NB Funky etc, yearning for its clacky percussion and liberating … read more »

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Benga + Roska’s Rinse FM 15th Anniversary Jams

Rinse FM, the legendary East London radio station, turns 15 tomorrow, and they’re celebrating by having a major party, which is unfortunately sold out. But if you do not live in London, or slept on … read more »

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