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Rustie and Danny Brown Reconnect on the Electrifying “Attak”

Danny Brown and Rustie in 2014 makes too much sense. Both have made beloved, wholly unique music: Rustie pillaging Nintendo 64 sounds melting with bass drops, and Danny Brown facing a mid-life crisis head on … read more »

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Rustie Gets His Claws Out on “Raptor,” Announces New Album

Glaswegian producer Rustie will release the follow-up to his celebrated 2011 debut album Glass Swords on Warp Records this summer. It’s called Green Language and first song “Raptor” takes no prisoners. It explodes like a … read more »

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Watch Danny Brown Perform a New Song Produced by Rustie

*Gasps for air* Two observations. First, it’s a good thing Danny Brown is such a capable enunciator in live performances; there’s a woefully short list of other rappers who could perform a new song live … read more »

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Hear Rustie’s New Mini Mix for BBC Radio 1

Last year, Rustie introduced the world to Baauer’s “Harlem Shake” with his BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix. Earlier this week, he released two new songs (“Slasherr” and “Triadzz,” both streaming below) and, last night, played … read more »

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MoMA PS1′s Warm Up 2012 Lineup

Judging from MoMA PS1’s Warm Up lineup, we will once again be spending our summer Saturdays sweaty and stoked in the courtyard of MoMA PS1. This year we’ll be shaded (and the air will be … read more »

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Stay+ 5 Ways To Stay Positive in a Negative World Mix MP3

See yourself as a leader. Would you follow a leader that is negative, fearful, degrading, mistrustful or harmful to others? For this mix for Bonafide, Stay+ sampled the tracks from motivational speaker Bob Mangroo’s self-help … read more »

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Free Gucci 2: The Burrrtish Edition MP3

The first Free Gucci mixtape boiled our bass brains and swallowed our car stereos last winter, but the world is very different now. After hearing Zomby crush Gucci’s “Boi” with a Dig Dug arcade console, … read more »

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Lazer Sword f. Turf Talk, “I’m Gone (Rustie RMX)” MP3

What happens when three of your favorite things meld together on a track? Bright beacons of light shoot out of your mouthpiece, apparently. Scottish twerk-funk monger Rustie actually makes a ridiculous amount of sense backing … read more »

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The Let Out: LuckyMe Takeover with Hudson Mohawke, Jacques Greene, The Blessings and More

The forward-thinking beatmakers of skewed Scottish hip-hop/dance label LuckyMe are taking over New York tonight (flyer after the jump), but first they’re descending upon The Let Out, our weekly show on East Village Radio. Not … read more »

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Rustie’s Five Minute Mix Is All We’re Going To Listen To Today

The absolute most frustrating thing about this minimix made by psychedelic lazer wizard Rustie in anticipation of his EP (out on October 4th on Warp) is how every single thing here is a jam and … read more »

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