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Ten Artists Talk About The Songs They Can’t Stop Falling in Love With

Pop music very likely taught you more about the birds and the bees than your parents ever did, so it’s no surprise that when you actually experience the highs and lows of love, it’s music … read more »

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Stream: Sleep ∞ Over, “Rooftop”

It’s been a bit since we last heard from Sleep ∞ Over‘s Stefanie Franciotti, but judging from the sound of her new single, she’s been using her time out of the spotlight to get really … read more »

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Stream: Sleep ∞ Over, “Romantic Streams (CFCF Remix)”

Almost a year after the release of the original, and following other “Romantic Streams” remixes by Damu, Nguzunguzu and Balam Acab, CFCF swaddles Sleep ∞ Over’s glittering, doomy love song in yoga blankets and lavender … read more »

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Sleep ∞ Over, “Romantic Streams” (Nguzunguzu Remix) MP3

People love Sleep ∞ Over’s new album Forever. That affection has already resulted in a handful of remixes (like this one, or

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What We’re Reading: Sleep∞Over

Given the popularity of our week-long What We’re Reading series, we’ve decided to make it a weekly column. Just think of this as your non-committal book club with The FADER and some of your favorite … read more »


Sam’s Pop Montreal Diary: Part 2

At the top of an old building near downtown, there were occasional Pop Montreal hosted panels. Because I missed Grimes due to hanging out with all of Canada at the Arcade Fire show, I made … read more »

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Sleep ∞ Over, “Romantic Streams” (Damu Remix) MP3

“Romantic Streams,” and really all of Sleep ∞ Over’s music, is perfect for remixing when you get down to it. The tracks are loose and open to interpretation, even if that means just cutting up … read more »

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Check Out FADER on MTV2′s 120 Minutes

The FADER is back on MTV2’s newly re-launched and revamped monthly alternative music show 120 Minutes. This month be sure to check out our editor-in-chief Matthew Schnipper live from his office, presenting three outstanding tracks … read more »

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Video: Sleep ∞ Over, “Casual Diamond”

“Casual Diamond” was the first completely formed Sleep ∞ Over song we heard. There’d been other ones before, but this one was crystal clear. It was everything that we wanted a band with the infinity sign … read more »

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This Week in The FADER: August 28, 2011 Edition

** We glimpsed Aaliyah’s life via stories from Missy Eliottt, Kidada Jones and Method Man first published in our 2008 Icon Issue. We also re-upped DJ Caps’ Aaliyah U R Missed mix, a celebration of … read more »

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