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Sonido del Principe, “Cumbia 4 Life” Mixtape

Sonido del Principe, who may in fact be the biggest fan/purveyor of cumbia in Noord-Brabant, Netherlands, has made a compilation of his cumbia remixes which number way more than we thought before they were all … read more »

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Freeload: Vince the Prince, March ’09 Kuduro Mix

We like the idea of this Dutch dude Vince the Prince flipping through his hard drive and just “finding” a bunch of Angolan and Portuguese kuduro on there like he did with this mix. The … read more »

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Freeload: Sonido del Principe, “Pesebre”

The excellent cumbia blog La Congona New Cumbia, which we told you about a week ago, just procured an exclusive of “Pesebre,” a track that clads cumbia’s tin rhythm and falsetto synths in a dubstep … read more »

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