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Video: Stay+ f. Queenie, “Crashed”

We published a GEN F profile on the cheeky but always awfully dark UK producers Stay+ about this time last year, and judging by “Crashed,” they’ve spent the between time polishing a more direct and … read more »

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Binary, “Modern Man” (Stay+ Remix) MP3

A Stay+ remix is basically like having a perfectly crafted piece of rough rave pop dropped directly onto our computers. It’s never especially surprising—there’s always going to be a point where the bottom drops out … read more »

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Stay+’s Late-Night Driving Mix MP3

Ever-cheeky Stay+ made a late-night driving mix and 3D video (just press 3D function on the YouTube player) for i-D magazine. It contains tracks that aren’t night bus, per se, but rather sound best when … read more »

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Video: Stay+, “Dandelion”

Stay+ bring their warm, blown out brand of house to a cold and lonely one. Clearly what this lady needs to liven up her solitary meal of white beans and toast is an impromptu dance … read more »

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GEN F: Stay+

Stay+, the UK-based, self-proclaimed “fictional dance” collective, has an exceptionally spotty history of giving straightforward interviews. Actually, the only one in existence is a string of YouTube videos-as-answers to very direct questions. But beyond the … read more »

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The FADER #77 Podcast

Over nearly 45 minutes—that’s like 50% more jams than usual!—we explore the depths of this year’s NOW issue with a lovingly mixed audio accompaniment. The podcast showcases our favorite tracks from cover stars Future and … read more »

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A couple of years ago, Charles Hamilton was on the cover of the Now issue, FADER’s annual, year-end look forward amidst many other publications’ navel-gazing looks back. Hamilton, who in 2009 had heavy buzz and … read more »

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World Premiere! The FADER #77 Featuring Future and Cass McCombs

The FADER comes out six times a year, and every single one of those issues is about documenting what’s next. The NOW issue, though, is about looking even further forward. Who is going to soundtrack … read more »

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Stream: Stay+, “Dandelion”

There’s this thing that Stay+ do that, I guess, could be called their signature. It’s a pulse of what sounds like a rush of air at a high frequency being reversed and it appears in … read more »

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Video + MP3: Miracle, “Good Love (Stay+ Remix)”

Not that it works 100% of the time, but it’s always interesting to see pop artists get weird, and weird artists go pop. Miracle is the project of noisy dudes Steve Moore (Zombi) and Daniel … read more »

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