The FADER #77 Podcast

December 19, 2011

Over nearly 45 minutes—that's like 50% more jams than usual!—we explore the depths of this year's NOW issue with a lovingly mixed audio accompaniment. The podcast showcases our favorite tracks from cover stars Future and Cass McCombs, as well as a dense helping of songs from artist-run American electronic labels 100% Silk, Future Times, Fade to Mind and Software. Also featuring Don Trip, Stacy Barthe, Wale, Lunice, Oneohtrix Point Never—the list goes on—the mix incorporates clips from FADER TV's with two of the most endearing rappers we've ever eaten leftovers and/or looked at erotic collages with, Action Bronson and Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire. Download the tracks as a mix below, or buy songs individually via our playlist on the MyMusicRX app. A percentage of each iTunes purchase made through MyMusicRX benefits the Children's Cancer Association. Happy holidays, happy end of the year, happy trails—here's something to listen to on the way to wherever you're trying to go.

Download: The FADER #77 Podcast

Bleached, "Searching Through the Past"
Don Trip, "Letter To My Son"
Lunice, "Glow"
Beautiful Swimmers f. John Davis, "Open Shadow (Soft Rocks Dub)"
Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire, "Nothing Even Matters"
El-P, "Drones Over BK"
Wale, "Miami Nights"
Octo Octa, "Let Me See You"
Bobby Browser, "No Appointments"
Steve Summers, "Uncollected Grooves"
Mark McGuire, "Another Dead End"
Cass McCombs, "The Same Thing"
Magic Touch, "Clubhouse"
Hunee, "Folga"
Airbird, "City vs Mountains"
MikeQ, "Ha Dub"
Future, "Go Harder"
Stay+, "A Side Fever"
Stacy Barthe, "Without You"
Oneohtrix Point Never, "Replica"

The FADER #77 Podcast