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Watch Total Freedom’s Overdrive Infinity Live Set

With his Overdrive Infinity series, Sound Pellegrino’s Teki Latex is not the first person to put live DJs on film, but his might be the most hypnotizing: Total Freedom stopped by his studio in France … read more »

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Stream: Para One f. Cam’ron, Irfane & Teki Latex, “Every Little Thing (Remix)”

Para One, the French producer once best known for his work with French rap group TTC but resurgent last year with his fantastic Passion LP, has scored a surprising but also maybe not that surprising … read more »

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Star Slinger f. Teki Latex, “Ladies in the Back”

Manchester producer Star Slinger has an LP in the works for next year, but he’s also got a new EP, Ladies In the Back, coming out on his own Jet Jam imprint on November 26th. … read more »

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Hear Skrillex Remix Birdy Nam Nam and Teki Latex

Birdy Nam Nam, the veteran French DJ collective whose live set consists of four men and four turntables, have forged an unlikely union with their new EP, bridging their brand of Parisian electro with the … read more »

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Para One f. Teki Latex, “Lean On Me”

Jean-Baptiste de Laubier, the French producer bka Para One, who first came to our attention producing for the French rappers TTC nearly a decade ago, has teamed again with the group’s lovable pioneer of “big … read more »

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Phenomenon and Sound Pellegrino Collaborate on Clothes, Release a Mix

Parisian producers Sound Pellegrino and the Japanese clothing label Phenomenon have teamed up again for another capsule collection and this time around, they’ve put away the cardigans festooned with polar bears in top hats in … read more »

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Teki Latex

Teki Latex Flaunts Big Man Swag on Camera

In this commercial for Basche Cognac, Teki Latex extols the virtues of authenticity, realness and a well made Camembert. Basking in the glory of a proper gent’s den done up in rich leather, taxidermy animal … read more »

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Video: Teki Latex, “Dinosaurs with Guns”

We think this video for Teki Latex‘s new single is supposed to be ominous, warning us of the imminent dinosaur resurrection and subsequent revenge on humanity for taking over their lost earth (and other planets, … read more »

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The FADER Issue 66 Free Download

We’ve heard from a few people—more than a few actually—surprised at our choice of cover stars for FADER #66. This shock is not over the individual artists, but over their juxtaposition. This is what FADER … read more »

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Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team, “Loud Whisper of the Northern Wind” Mix

Let’s say you were up until 6am last night/this morning and right about now your will to live is at Defcon 5. You’ve had gallons of coffee, slapped yourself in the face a bunch and … read more »

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