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Listen to Both Sides of Woods’ Bassist Kevin Morby’s New 7-Inch

Whether it’s on the two lovably scrappy records he made with Cassie Ramone as The Babies, or on his hazy first solo effort—last year’s Harlem River—listening to Kevin Morby is an easy thing to do. … read more »

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Video: The Babies, “Mess Me Around”

The Babies‘ sophomore album Our House on the Hill is full of nonstop gems. Each song feels designed to be worn out by our collective record players. Apparently, the record caught the attention of Scott … read more »

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Live at Grand Street Bakery: The Babies

A little while ago, The Babies came by Grand Street Bakery to play us a couple songs from their latest release, Our House On The Hill. The band was unexpectedly joined by two ACTUAL babies … read more »


Video: The Babies, “Baby”

There’s a point in this video—which is mostly just The Babies’ Cassie Ramone doing karaoke of her own song—where the camera swerves behind her and suddenly she’s backlit like she’s standing in front of hundreds … read more »

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Stream The Babies’ Album Our House on the Hill

The weird thing about being in a band right now is you can record one song and then suddenly have all eyes on you at once. It’s made some band’s careers and destroyed others before … read more »

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In Mexico With: Festival NRMAL

A couple days before SXSW, I traveled to Monterrey, Mexico for Festival NRMAL, a one-day, 55-band party. Taking a barely-planned trip just ahead of Austin’s endless sea of wristbands and Jacked Doritos seemed like maybe … read more »

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Stream: The Babies, “Trouble”

Sometimes the word “pretty” is the only descriptor you can think of for a piece of music, a cheesy, five-cent word, maybe, but one that sums up the sweetest reasons for liking a song. The … read more »

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Premiere: The Babies, “Run Me Over” MP3

The Babies, the side project kinda sorta primary project of Kevin Morby of Woods and Cassie Ramone of Vivian Girls (both of whom sing) have announced their debut LP out on Shrimper in February of … read more »

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Schnipper’s Slept On: Slept On 2010 #1

Each Tuesday, FADER editor Matthew Schnipper highlights an underappreciated release he thinks we need to know about. Starting this week and lasting through the end of 2010, he’ll be highlighting music exclusively from 2010. This … read more »

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Stream: The Babies (f. Members of Vivian Girls and Woods), “Breakin the Law”

Sort of like the 21st century lo-fi parallel to the Temptations and the Supremes hooking up. But like if they had formed a way sweeter band than either, The Babies write classic pop rock. They … read more »

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