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Sich Mang

Video: Sich Mang, “Tired”

FADER PREMIERE For nearly three years now, Chicago duo Sich Mang have traded in a gleefully distended mutation of footwork that they’ve cheekily dubbed “wurkstep.” Buoying the often pretty, sometimes vacant, but always body-heaving rhythmic … read more »

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Meet Chicago’s weirdest boy band From the magazine: ISSUE 90, Feb/March 2014 Outré R&B quintet JODY has drawn quick comparisons to Jodeci, but Khallee Standberry-Lois, one of the Chicago group’s three vocalists, says they are … read more »

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Stream: Supreme Cuts f. The GTW, Khallee and David Ashley, “Down”

FADER PREMIERE Chicago duo Supreme Cuts’ sophomore LP, Divine Ecstasy, comes out on January 28th via Dovecote. The latest leak “Down” has a booty beat vaguely reminiscent of “My Boo” and features, among others, The … read more »

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Video: JODY, “Echos” (Live at the FADER FORT Presented by Converse)

At last month’s FADER FORT Presented by Converse, Chicago’s six-person R&B group JODY performed “Echos,” from their recently released Magique EP. The group also sat down to answer some online dating questions—watch them and a … read more »

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Download KIT’s NewWavey Mixtape

Executive produced by The-Drum’s Jeremiah Meece, ghostly rap-crooner KIT‘s NewWavey mixtape sounds like it was recorded entirely in a really damp cavern. This is by no mean’s a bad thing; the tape, produced by Meece, … read more »

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Stream The-Drum’s Contact LP

Two years since emerging amid a cloud of smoke, Chicago production duo The-Drum are releasing their debut album, Contact, out tomorrow via Audraglint. Compared to their more structured recent work with the R&B group JODY … read more »

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Stream: The-Drum, “Switch”

Chicago-based duo The-Drum very clearly owe a lot to Art of Noise’s classic “Moments in Love.” It’s not that everything they do explicitly sounds like that song, it’s just that they’ve absorbed its sense of … read more »

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Download JODY’s Magique EP

Magique by JODYAccording to JODY producer Brandon Boom, their new six-person R&B group is named after the mythic character Joe D. Grinder, “who, while you are away at war or prison, would sleep with your … read more »

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Stream: JODY, “Echos”

JODY is the new six-person R&B group helmed by Chicago dark-beat production whizzes The-Drum and singers David Robertson, Khallee Standberry-Lois, James King of The GTW (who, though he made no mention of JODY, coincidentally just … read more »

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Download The-Drum’s Sense Net™ EP

After releasing Heavy Liquid in January, the ever-improving Chicago duo The-Drum have readied their second EP of 2012. Released today for free via Mishka, Sense Net™ is their most polished work to date, curving its … read more »

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