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A Hazy Day In The Life of Young L in “Allergic” Video

FADER PREMIERE From his most recent mixtape MVP, Young L just released the video for the blissful “Allergic.” L’s been known for other-worldly beats since his days with The Pack, and this track remains committed … read more »

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Based Scripture: The Full Transcript of Lil B’s Lecture at NYU

After Lil B’s 80-minute, unscripted lecture at NYU last night, I returned home in a mania and did what seemed the most logical thing: transcribed it all. There’s just something fitting about committing the Based … read more »

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Young L and Soulja Boy, “All Gold Everything” MP3

Once again, Young L is back making beats that sound like two robots building a third robot, but this time he’s brought Soulja Boy with him. It was really only a matter of time, too. … read more »

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Los Angeles: vitaminwater uncapped LIVE with Lil B, Young L and Pink Dollaz

The vitaminwater uncapped LIVE series hits Los Angeles this Tuesday, August 16th with the world’s foremost rapper-slash-cult-leader Lil B The Based God. Also on deck is B’s old Pack-mate Young L, who just yesterday dropped … read more »

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Young L, L-E-N Mixtape

We’ve said quite a bit about Young L on our website. Usually it’s to be like IT IS SO AWESOME THAT THESE YOUTUBES OF HIS SONGS EXIST BUT WE’D LOVE HIGH QUALITY MP3S AND ARE … read more »

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Video: Young L, “Beating Up the Block”

The last three or four Young L videos have consistently featured some of the more interesting production we’ve heard in awhile. Robotic chirps! Stomach rumbling bass! Elevator pings! It’s hard to picture anyone else rapping … read more »

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Video: Young L, “Drop Top Swag”

Young L is wearing a pink dolphin chain. This beat sounds like the future of everything. Lil B is awesome in his own way, but it’s probably worth paying some attention to this dude as … read more »

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Video: Young L, “Young L-E-N”

Initially, The Pack‘s rapid rise to success and then equally rapid fall right back down into obscurity is nothing new. But it’s what they’ve done with that newfound semi-obscurity that is interesting. Rather than just … read more »

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Video: Lil B, “Myspace”

Before we get into how crazily meta it is that the extra prolific Lil B named this video “MySpace” considering he is essentially the Global MySpace King, what with his 9000 profile pages and 22 … read more »

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Video: Lil B Makes a Movie

By now you are either completely sick of Lil B’s copious Tweeting, totally into it or totally oblivious. However you look at it, he’s successfully experimenting with the murky world of free media. Why not … read more »

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