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Hear Pell and Tomas Barfod’s Dream-Rappy “Eleven:11″

FADER PREMIERE I feel like “dream rap” is becoming a genre—the dream-pop of cloud rap, or something, with down-to-earth verses over delicately dancey beats like the ones popping up on Soulection, or here by co-producers … read more »

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Stream: Chad Valley f. Twin Shadow, “I Owe You This (Tomas Barfod Remix)”

Chad Valley’s latest single, “I Owe You This,” which includes guest vocals from Twin Shadow, was already an undeniably feel-good piece of electronic music. Today, we get to hear Danish producer Tomas Barfod’s experimental take … read more »

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Stream: Tomas Barfod, “November Skies” (Nite Jewel Remix)

“November Skies” has some legs, huh? Partly it’s because the original is so strong, but each remix has taken on a new light as well. Here, Nite Jewel sucks the electronic warmth out of the … read more »

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Stream: Tomas Barfod, “November Skies (Jerome LOL Remix)”

Newly Twitter-verified Jerome LOL works his magic on Tomas Barfod’s “November Skies,” turning the elegiac original into a coruscating dazzler by pitching up Nina Kinert’s vocals till they’re piercingly bright. Barfod’s November Skies EP will … read more »

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Stream: Tomas Barfod, “Till We Die (Blondish Remix)”

Tomas Barfod is releasing a series of remixes of “Till We Die,” a plucky percussive track off his Salton Sea EP. Here Blondish smooths out the sweet sparsity of the original, floating Nina Kinert’s vocals … read more »

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Video: Tomas Barfod, “Came To Party”

Danish producer Tomas Barfod’s “Came To Party” has one infectious, vocoder-filtered line: Everybody came to party. In the Lindsay MacKay-directed video, everybody does just that. Businessmen toss their documents to the wind, grandmas wiggle their … read more »

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Video: Tomas Barfod, “November Skies”

Upon first listen, Tomas Barfod’s soaring “November Skies” felt like a cliff-dive into cool, clear Scandinavian waters. In this video directed by multimedia wizards The Great Nordic Sword Fights, we learn that the track pairs … read more »

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Tomas Barfod, “November Skies” MP3

Denmark’s Tomas Barfod has unveiled another track from his Salton Sea LP, out May 22nd via Friends of Friends. Like leaping into the crystal-clear waters of a Danish fjord, “November Skies” is pleasant and invigorating, … read more »

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Video: Tomas Barfod, “Broken Glass”

Can’t get over the way Denmark’s Tomas Barfod sounds on this song and probably never will, his voice stretched curiously and shaped like glass being blown, puffing up his words and sucking them in. The … read more »

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