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Stream: Harmonimix, “Confidence Boost (Trim)”

With this spring’s resurrection of Harmonimix, the remix alias of wonderboy James Blake, it was not ridiculous to assume that we would be seeing more of Blake under his less frequent title. Earlier this morning, … read more »

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becoming real

Jamie Woon, “Night Air (Becoming Real Remix)” MP3

“Night Air” was already pretty dreary (see Ramadanman’s twice-as-long take here). So picture our Wednesday asses before we clicked play: last time we wrote about Jamie Woon we likened his voice to fog, last time … read more »

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Video Premiere: Becoming Real f. Trim, “Like Me”

Recently, eccentric production mastermind Becoming Real has been working with various grime emcees. It’s only since he’s been working with vocals that he’s had to tone down his robotic busyness to make room for human … read more »

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Stream: Becoming Real f. Trim, “Like Me” and “Showdown in Chinatown”

Nothing like starting the day off with Becoming Real‘s fractured electronic snaps and pings. It’s not the smoothest way to wake up by any means, like opening you’re bleary eyes and getting punched in the … read more »

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