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New York and Philadelphia uncapped MP3s: French Montana, Frenchie, Vado and Freeway

Every Monday for the past two months we’ve shared exclusive tracks from uncapped LIVE artists. This final week brings selections from New York and Philadelphia, with tracks by French Montana, Frenchie, Vado and Freeway. Download: … read more »

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Video: Vado, “Large on the Streets” and “Polo” Live in New York

Vado starts his show off with a tribute to Big L, paying homage to the Harlem legend Vado sampled on “Large on the Streets.” After an acapella rendition of the track, appropriately performed in a … read more »

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DJ Khaled and Everyone Make a Rap Video, Cam’ron and Vado Also Make a Rap Video

Used to be that posse cuts were a fun way for a bunch of friends to get together and rap about fun stuff and then get a lot of press and money and possibly a … read more »

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Video: Cam’ron f. Vado, “Girls Cry”

Workingman Cam is back! Talking about girls wearing makeup at the office (what office?) and how his girl is paranoid that his balls smell like soap. The rational explanation is, of course, that Cam was … read more »

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XXL’s Freshmen Performed Live in NY + 2011 Freshman Class Mixtape

The Freshman years of high school and college are probably the most awkward years of your life. Not only is your body wilding out thanks to pubescent energy but you’re in a new place, usually … read more »

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Cam’ron f. Sen-City, Vado and Jim Jones, “Ooooohhhh” MP3 + Dipset Trance Vol. 2

Someone stole this track from Cam’s email, may be why he named it the keyboard-puzzling five O’s four H’s. The MissInfo commenters suggest: “Throw some !s and some #s in there. it’ll make you feel … read more »

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Photos: vitaminwater uncapped LIVE in NYC

Last night we celebrated the second vitaminwater uncapped LIVE! event in our own backyard, with performances by New York favorites Frenchie, Vado and French Montana. Overheard at Southpaw, where we indulged in free drinks from … read more »

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NYC: vitaminwater uncapped LIVE with Vado, Frenchie and French Montana 3/8

This Monday there was a tornado in Atlanta, but lots of folks came out to see Sean Falyon, Pill and CyHi da Prynce rock our inaugural vitaminwater uncapped LIVE party anyway. Hope you’ll have no … read more »

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Cam’ron f. Vado, “Hey Muma” MP3

Imagine being in elementary school with Cam’ron. Get the vibe that he could have been the illest playground taunter pretty much based on the way he sometimes chooses to rap on tracks like this, his … read more »

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Video: Tity Boi f. Vado, “Lo Boots”

Weirdly, Tity Boi and Vado have a lot in common. Both are dudes we were initially skeptical of in multiple separate instances (WHO IS THAT RANDOM DUDE ON STAGE WITH CAM WHO KEEPS RAPPING? And … read more »

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