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Video: Wooden Shjips, “Everybody Knows”

Last month, West Coast psych rock institution Wooden Shjips released a strikingly un-scuzzy fourth album, Back to the Land, on Thrill Jockey. Here’s a video for laidback melodic standout “Everybody Knows,” strummed and crooned with … read more »

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Mystery Jets, “Dreaming of Another World” (Wooden Shjips Remix) MP3

Because Wooden Shjips apparently just can’t stop remixing other artists, they’re following up their unexpected remix of LCD Soundsystem’s “Drunk Girls” with a remix of Mystery Jets‘ “Dreaming of Another World.” Although both versions feature … read more »

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Stream: Wooden Shjips, “Drunk Girls (LCD Soundsystem Cover)”

Just for clarification, Wooden Shjips are the band who have songs with one stoned riffed over and over for 15 minutes. Wasted dance punk, they are not. But still, it seems they’ve an affinity for … read more »

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Video Premiere: Wooden Shjips, “Outta My Head”

Wooden Shjips specialize in repetition meant to immerse yourself in and zone out. There are no singles and there is never an obvious narrative, so for this video they just made one up involving a … read more »

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Video Premiere: Moon Duo, “Killing Time”

Heavy vibes all around for this video from Moon Duo‘s Sacred Bones EP of the same name. Shot in ridiculously high detail (you can see dude’s wrinkles’ wrinkles) by Jacqueline Castel—who also directed this and … read more »

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Wooden Shjips Tour East Coast, Continue Bad Spelling

Shjipple pie read more »

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