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Video: YACHT, “Second Summer”

In an interview for F79, Nick Weidenfeld talked about making comedy and his new production studio for FOX ADHD. Here, they’ve done an entertaining video for YACHT’s “Second Summer” that’ll make you rethink the drawbacks … read more »

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YACHT Release Shangri-La Perfume

On YACHT’s website, the cult-like electronic duo list their primary goal as “to bring more physicality to [their] output, both in tangible objects for consumption and in communal places for people to gather.” One such … read more »

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Stream: YACHT “Utopia”

The latest release off of YACHT’s forthcoming Shangri-La on DFA should play as the more optimistic version of its opposite, but to be honest, the whole fire and brimstone stone jam is kinda preferable. At … read more »

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YACHT, “Dystopia” MP3

Well, it seems that Armegeddon is going to be pretty jamming, or at least if YACHT has anything to do with it. In general, they seem pretty optimistic about the whole fire and brimstone thing, … read more »

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Video: The XX, “Islands + XX Remix of Yacht’s “The Afterlife”

We were listening to The XX remix of Yacht‘s “The Afterlife” when word of the “Islands” video came through. Skipping from one to the other definitely illustrates the wide plane The XX inhabit. “Islands” is … read more »

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Watch YACHT's New Video for "The Afterlife"

This feels like a big, electronic shout out to The Causey Way. Also, Christian fundamentalists and/or cults.

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Video: YACHT, “The Afterlife”

Dunking in a hot tub: YACHT calls it a baptism, we call it spring break. Depends on what kind of robe you are wearing. Is funky new wave a religion? (via the Portland Mercury)

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SXSW 2010: You are CORDIALLY Invited to The Garden Party

If you’ve been trolling the musicnerdisphere over the past few weeks you’ve probably become quite aware that SXSW and its promise of beer and BBQ’d jams is incoming. That said, we’re very proud to announce … read more »

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We Categorize the 2010 Sasquatch! Lineup So You Don't Have To!

If there’s one thing the Internet is good for (do not say pornography), it’s making judgments on stuff and endlessly categorizing and organizing bands into genres. Oh, and arguing about it— the Internet’s good for … read more »

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Contest: Win a YACHT New Era x FADER Hat

Continuing their beloved themes of triangles and all things nautical, DFA home electronics-loving beat punks YACHT designed a poop deck-ready, crisp black and white cap with a giant anchor for our New Era hat series. … read more »

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