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Video: Beanie Sigel f. State Property, “The Reunion”

Beanie Sigel managed to reunite one of hip-hop’s most formidable groups for his upcoming LP This Time, and the Don Cheegro-produced “The Reunion” is the result.The production sounds like a throwback to the early 2000s, … read more »

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Video: Meek Mill f. Young Chris, “House Party”

Meek Mill‘s “House Party” video looks exactly like my last house party, which totally also included Young Chris, Yo Gotti, French Montana,

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Video: Young Chris Makes History

Young Chris left high school at 14 years old to further his group, the Young Gunz. “We ain’t go to school to be no doctors, no nurse, no lawyers, nothing like that,” he says, hoping … read more »

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Coming Soon: Young Chris Makes History

Eight years since the release of the Young Gunz’ “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop,” Young Chris, half of the philadelphia duo, calls those days history. But hearing that history reaffirmed when fans sing along word for … read more »

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Download: Philadelphia’s Entire vitaminwater uncapped LIVE Show

A couple weeks ago, our friends at East Village Radio live-streamed Philadelphia’s entire vitaminwater uncapped LIVE show, which featured Freeway, Young Chris and Sean Falyon. Now we’ve got the download, all three hours of it, … read more »

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Photos: vitaminwater uncapped LIVE in Philadelphia

There were perfect vibes at Fluid last night in Philly for the city of brotherly love’s vitaminwater uncapped LIVE show. Sean Falyon brought his mother—a longtime Philadelphia police officer—out, Young Chris brought three of the … read more »

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Philadelphia: vitaminwater uncapped LIVE with Freeway, Young Chris and Sean Falyon, 6/16

We’ve started rolling out some videos from past vitaminwater uncapped LIVE events, but the tour’s still going full steam. Next Thursday, June 16th, we’re bring the party to the sixth borough, taking over Fluid nightclub … read more »

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Young Chris Peedi Crakk Freeway

Young Chris f. Peedi Crakk, “Blackout” MP3

Believe it or not, after 65 bazillion years and a few handfuls worth of great solo tracks, Young Chris‘ solo debut Alive is actually coming out. Soon. Supposedly. As with the highlights that have shown … read more »

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