Natural Ones

February 25, 2005

Those who braved the faux snowstorm that "hit" the East Coast to check out that Animal Collective/Storsveit Nix Noltes show at the Llano Estacado were rewarded with an amazing gig that spread out over three leisurely hours. Kristin from Mum and her six bandmates from Storsveit kicked off the night with a grip of Eastern European turbo folk songs.

Their set had all kinds of peeps swaying to the oompah oompah. Apparently this Balkan thing is going supernational global and shiz, cause these Icelandic (!) cats really had the brass attack on lockdown.

AC took the stage around midnight o clock and opened up their set with a bunch of new numbers (well, they sounded new to us, but you can't always tell with these avant-y type cats, yahmeen?) that were heavy on the reverb and mercifully light on wankery. They pulled it all together - the soundscapey day dreams, the full-on pop ditties and the weirdo tape loops (one of which sounded like the word "orgy" being repeated over and over...and we didn't even hit the spliffs that were being passed 'round).

After 50 minutes of improv positive music, Panda, Geologist and the crew rocked "Kids on Holiday", said thanks and that was that. We didn't win an encore or a rabbit, but we did manage to cop their essential Sung Tongs on double LP for a mere 12 bones. Good looking out, guys.

Posted: February 25, 2005
Natural Ones