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FADER TV: Yeasayer @ FADER CMJ Sideshow

October 22, 2007

Video by Joe Angerone

Friday and Saturday at the FADER CMJ Sideshow (delivered by at&t) were packed with good times and major jams— which we'll be posting words and images from later—but we wanted to start out with this video of Brooklyn via Baltimore's Yeasayer, who took over our radio show on Friday, who have an incredible album out tomorrow, and who absolutely destroyed on Saturday night, including this snappy rendition of non-album track "Final Path." Also, wild focused windbreakers and headwear. Check back later today and throughout the week for the rest of our Sideshow videos as we try to figure out why there is no Bud Select or SoCo punch everpresent in our office.

Posted: October 22, 2007
FADER TV: Yeasayer @ FADER CMJ Sideshow