Hot Chip’s “Ready For Floor” Video Explained, Kind Of!

December 05, 2007

In case you didn't catch the reference (we didn't the first 20 times we listened to it), after the jump is a partial explanation of what's going on in Hot Chip's video for "Ready For The Floor," gleaned from an interview we did last month with Alexis Taylor, the band's vocalist, about the song.

"I really like this line in the first Batman film, not the very first one that was made, but the first Tim Burton Batman film. Jack Palance tells Jack Nicholson, “You are my number one guy.” And it’s a completely false statement. The very next scene is Jack Nicholson being set up andabout to be killed off by Jack Palance's character. Then he survives all of this and he comes back as the Joker and he kills Jack Palance. And later on he quotes Jack Palance, he says it to his goon, Bob the Goon, “You are my number one guy.” He says it in a really funny, mimicking way. I quite like it. He’s not only mimicking the character in the film, he’s also mimicking Jack Palance as an actor. He’s mimicking his melodramatic style. That line has always stuck with me. The menace.

"I don’t really think about these thing too much, I just say them in a song. If I’m thinking about something I like, like Batman, it has so many things that I’m really fond of—the Prince soundtrack, the film. Sometimes those things seep into what we’re writing about. I like to reference to these things in an oblique way. I guess I was saying something to everyone in the band, particularly to Joe [Goddard], 'You’re my number one guy, why is there any problems between any of us?'"

Posted: December 05, 2007
Hot Chip’s “Ready For Floor” Video Explained, Kind Of!