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Freeload: The Whigs, “Right Hand On My Heart”

January 16, 2008

It's pretty safe to say that early '90s alternative power-rock is back. Between this and the Dead Meadow song we posted the other day we want to go home and read old issues of The Rocket while blasting Candlebox and Green Apple Quickstep. Too obscure? Whatever dudes, you know you miss Candlebox. Anyway this song is pretty good, it does that thing where the lyrics blend in to each other, there are words being said but you don't hear them really, only the catchy melody, and pretty soon you're walking around mumble-humming gibberish to yourself. The Whigs' Mission Control comes out January 22nd.

Download: The Whigs, "Right Hand on my Heart" (Right click, save as)

Posted: January 16, 2008
Freeload: The Whigs, “Right Hand On My Heart”