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Audio: N.E.R.D., “Everyone Nose”

January 22, 2008

If "Everyone Nose" is truly the 1st single from the new N.E.R.D. album, emotions are already mixed. That stand-up bass and sax jingle are type ill, but the screwed/hollered chorus aren't anything to wake up your booboo for and Pharrell sounds kinda tired on the verses. HOWEVER, if dude grows his fumanchu back and starts kicking it with Clue again, we will pretend like we've never heard anything like this before.

(thanks Eyez)

UPDATE from well-informed familia: Pharrell totally ripped off this Panamanian reggaeton track I've been searching for for two years. It's called "At chu (Estoy Cansada)" by Demphra and it's fucking awesome. And i bet pharrell has it. (Ed. IF ANYONE HAS THIS SONG, PLEASE EMAIL IT TO Thanks to everyone who sent "At Chu." You will be rewarded in Valhallaton.)

Audio: N.E.R.D., “Everyone Nose”