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NYC: Cut Copy And T&T Afterparty

March 18, 2008

Yesterday, while the FADER editorial staff was busy getting post-SXSW disorder, we gave away a bunch of tickets on this very website to some lucky winners for the Boosted/Modular Cut Copy afterparty. We told them to take some pictures and let us know how it went and we would put it up on the blog. After the jump you can check out a brief rundown of the event and one picture.

The Randolph was good, lots of people from the show headed over there. It was pretty chill till about 2am when the DJ cranked the volume and all hell broke loose. I recognized people but was too deep in bourbon to make conversation. Also, the bathroom smelled like sex. very peculiar.
—Paul Angelides

Posted: March 18, 2008
NYC: Cut Copy And T&T Afterparty