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Watch A Cut Copy-Endorsed Documentary On Melbourne Dance Culture

A 12-minute look into Aussie dance culture.

Photographer Michael Muller
November 19, 2014

Australian dance-pop aesthetes Cut Copy's Cutters label recently released Cut Copy Presents: Oceans Apart, a compilation highlighting the Melbourne dance scene that was curated and mixed down by the band themselves. For those seeking an even deeper cultural dive, though, director Thomas Pollard's put together a 12-minute documentary serving as a visual supplement to the compilation.

"A large part of the idea behind the Oceans Apart compilation was a desire to capture this moment in Melbourne's dance music evolution," vocalist/keyboardist/guitarist Dan Whitford told FADER in an e-mail. "And half way through working on the mix, I thought it would it would be great to work on a video documentary that explores the backgrounds, lives and thoughts of some of the unique artists involved, in the hope of painting a broader picture of what Melbourne's current scene is about. So that led me to ask director Thomas Pollard to follow some of the artists around over a period of months, and this short film is what eventually came back."

Watch A Cut Copy-Endorsed Documentary On Melbourne Dance Culture