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Freeload: Yola Da Great, “I Know U Like Dat”

April 02, 2008

We don't often do this, but when it comes to Yola Da Great, we're often forced to repeat ourselves because he changes the names of songs, refuses to put up a functional MySpace, raps and then not raps, all the while reminding us that he is alive by posting photos of himself in new hats. Shit's crazy. It's like a dating someone who's really cute and cool but does meth sometimes. Not that Yola does meth, just a comparison. "I Know U Like Dat" came out at the end of last year and we put it up but the download link was worthless and now people are actually talking about the song in public, most notably the producer and excellently named Honorable C.N.O.T.E. who linked to our dead link last week. So here goes… Yola… Honorable… Jam.

Yola Da Great, "I Know You Like Dat"

Posted: April 02, 2008
Freeload: Yola Da Great, “I Know U Like Dat”