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Freeload: Ray J, “I Like to Trick”

April 08, 2008

Yesterday we listened to Ray J's new album on Koch, All I Feel, about seven times. We couldn't get enough of its breezy rub-u-down vocals and the way they reminded us of summer. We IM'd with no less than three of our friends about Ray J, and talked about how he totally dated Whitney (according to Bobby Brown's new autobiography) and wondered when Ray J's sister Brandy is releasing another album, and then read this interview our friend Toshi did with him and thought about the fact that T-Pain was talking about his weiner. Then we listened to his album again. We might be a little obsessed, but we'll be done soon, we promise. But we also like to share, which is why we are giving you this track called "I Like to Trick" off Ray J's album. It has lots of different vocal effects and marimbas, and embodies the sweaty supine (ahem) focus of his sexy record.

Download: Ray J, "I Like to Trick"

Posted: April 08, 2008
Freeload: Ray J, “I Like to Trick”