Ghetto Palms: The Drumlane Riddim

April 30, 2008

Every week resident FADER selector Eddie STATS runs through dancehall riddims and other artifacts from the ghetto archipelago. This week, guest columnist and selector extraordinaire Walshy Killa of the mighty, mighty Black Chiney Soundsystem test drives the Drumlane riddim.

Ever imagine yourself in church, like one of those real Roman cathedral looking ones, and then just jumping up, breaking the shit out of everything in sight? Well, the Drumlane would be like the background music as you do it.

Hard bells lead into a midtempo stuttering beatdown as producer Fire Links fires up another bad bad bad piece a bloodclat riddim--much more sinista than dancey and there's absolutely no filler. Serani has the biggest song on the riddim right now, and on it he tells us not to study people, but fight for a cause. Just like Supercat’s “Under Pressure” naturally follows Half Pint’s “Greetings,” Bugle naturally follows Serani. According to Bugle, hypocrites and parasites have been looking away and wearing shades for too long, and after Bugle demands that you look in his eyes, Kartel comes with a song that would make every artist feel more than uncomfortable if he drew it ‘pon them on stage. I’m not saying it’s aimed at anyone, but you don’t want to be holding the other mic when he runs out singing this. Next, history is made as Fire Links and Matterhorn join vocals on the same track. This is historical only because musically these two selectors have clashed since Wappi kill Phillip (Jamaica’s first documented murder from waaay back). Ele cools down the riddim with another dance song taking Culture Club’s “Karma Chameleon.” I'm not sure how the dancehall has accepted this song but with a riddim this wicked you’ll be kicking the shit outta some church statue no matter what they put on it.

Walshy Killa’s “Drumlane” blend:

Serani, “Study People”

Bugle, “Caan Look Inna We Eye”

Vybz Kartel, “Murder”

Fire Links and Tony Matterhorn, “How We Grow”

Elephant Man, “Calm Dem Down”

Download: Walshy Killa "Drumlane" Blend

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Ghetto Palms
Posted: April 30, 2008
Ghetto Palms: The Drumlane Riddim