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Freeload: Young Chris f. Beanie Sigel, “Rush”

May 01, 2008

At various points in FADER history, certain editors were known to proclaim The B.Coming as one of their favorite rap albums. We can't really be mad at that considering it was so substantial, like, you got done listening to that thing and you were kinda exhausted. Also, it came out not that long after Purple Haze, which is the polar opposite and together they pretty much formed the best rap double album. Get at us if you want to nerd out some more about classic Roc jams. Anyway, here's a new Young Chris song featuring Beanie Sigel that sounds like an outtake from The B.Coming.

Download: Young Chris f. Beanie Sigel, "Rush"

Posted: May 01, 2008
Freeload: Young Chris f. Beanie Sigel, “Rush”