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Beanie Sigel Is Out Of The Hospital After Shooting

Authorities still haven’t determined the identity of the shooter.

January 06, 2015

Some good news, for a change: NBC Philadelphia reports that Beanie Sigel has finally returned home nearly a month after a shooting in South New Jersey that at one point had him in critical condition. Police in Pleasantville, NJ confirmed that he was released and returned home over this past weekend; as for who was responsible for the shooting, authorities still haven't nailed down a suspect—only a few persons of interest, including Kamilah Salahuddin, Siegel's sister-in-law (the shooting took place outside his brother-in-law's house in Pleasantville).

Alhamdulillah !!!! Masha allah !!! MY BOY IS HOME !!!!! @beaniesigelsp 🙌
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Lead photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Beanie Sigel Is Out Of The Hospital After Shooting