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Freeload: Maino “Hi Hater”

May 02, 2008

It's been a particularly rough few years for the three then-rising stars of F35's New York Rap feature. Stack Bundles was killed last June, Papoose got dropped from his million-dollar major label deal (and has been making more noise with his prison nupitals than with any actual music as of late), and Maino—our personal favorite of the bunch—has simply been AWOL, emerging every so often with a signing rumor or internet banger only to sink back into the fog of BK rap anonymity just as quickly. So you can imagine our collective elation to hear Maino over a classic Jimmy Spicer breakbeat on his new single "Hi Hater." Yes, an actual single! On the radio! It hit NYC airwaves last week at the same moment as our long-delayed springtime, and the backstory can't help but make "Hi Hater" feel even more triumphant. "You see me!" You're gotdamn right we do.

Download: Maino, "Hi Hater"

Posted: May 02, 2008
Freeload: Maino “Hi Hater”