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Kanye West, “Eyes Closed” MP3

January 04, 2011

Kanye West or someone on the internet says this is a MBDTF leftover, which possibly but hopefully doesn’t sample Maino's “Hi Hater” and is going to be reworked on Snoop Dogg’s forthcoming Doggumentary with a hook by John Legend. We like the song, but in the interest of tagging this post with as many rappers as possible, not as much as we like this video of Kanye, Jay-Z and Rihanna on New Years Eve.

Download: Kanye West, "Eyes Closed"

Update: The original sample is, of course, not Maino, but Jimmy Spicer’s “Money (Dollar Bill Y’all)”. Kanye is following in the memetic footsteps of De La Soul, Mary J. Blige, La the Darkman, JC Chasez, AZ, and arguably Wu Tang Clan, Coolio, Ice Cube, Swizz Beats, R. Kelly, and Limp Bizkit (!).

Kanye West, “Eyes Closed” MP3