Freeload: Three New Sandman Songs

May 15, 2008

CANNOOONNNNN! It probably should be a requirement that we start every Sandman related post this way, but actually though, he stays away from doing that on these three songs from his upcoming mixtape Gianormous that we got from 2dopeboyz, which, as much as we want to hear him do it forever, is probably for the best. We've been riding for the other half of the Reup Gang for awhile now, because how could we not, really? We're still trying to figure out what we think about the other rappers from Sandcannon's crew that show up on here, but we do know that Sandman raps about rap and it's not even annoying.

Download: Sandman f. Lil Spazz & Housewife, "Watcha Gonna Do"

Download: Sandman f. Tommy Kaine & Lil Spazz, "Back Block Bandits"

Download: Sandman, "Ride"

Posted: May 15, 2008
Freeload: Three New Sandman Songs