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Freeload: Re-Up Gang, “9mm”

May 22, 2008

At this point it goes without saying that Re-Up Gang are going to impress us on a lyrical level. In fact, we'd be surprised if they didn't, but this song from Green Lantern's GTA4 album repurposes their verses from "Bring it Back" off of We Got it for Cheap 3, and puts them over a new beat that gives all four dudes less room to let their punchlines breathe without sacrificing any of the Oh Shit moments that we like them for. We're not saying we didn't love the Clipse/Neptunes pairing, but if all of their new stuff is on par with this we'll be the opposite of very mad.

Re-Up Gang, "9mm"

Posted: May 22, 2008
Freeload: Re-Up Gang, “9mm”