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Freeload: R Kelly, “Body Body”

June 09, 2008

Just saying, but this R Kelly song, along with this is showing serious signs of a new summertime rap as easy listening trend that we're actually into. Like, if relaxing is the new staying up all night, sign us up! There are bands that exist called Hammock and Windsurf, so making old man rap and r&b songs isn't even that far of a stretch. Is there a yacht club somewhere we can join? Will Kellz be there covering "Lime in the Coconut"? Also, R if you are somehow reading this, we like stoner cartoons as much as anyone, but can you not use Aqua Teen Hunger Force vocals as adlibs anymore? Thanks. Not that we're stressing about it or anything, we're just drinking mojitos. It's all good!

Download: R Kelly, "Body Body"

Posted: June 09, 2008
Freeload: R Kelly, “Body Body”