Freeload: GLC, “Ridin By Yourself”

June 17, 2008

Our version of this song says Lil Wayne is on it, but he more or less is not. A whole verse would probably sound good, but you know what? We don't even need Wayne this time around. He's probably busy anyway. About a year ago, Kanye dropped a mixtape with a bunch of Graduation previews and also GLC ultra banger "I Ain't Even on Yet." That song occupied our ear canals for the entire summer and then we didn't hear that much from GLC again. Now that Summer is here so is GLC's Chicago drawl, oozing over Texas-sized organs, a comforting reminder of how awesome the next couple months are going to be.

Download: GLC, "Ridin By Yourself" (via Fake Shore Drive)

Posted: June 17, 2008
Freeload: GLC, “Ridin By Yourself”